About Us

Maddie Gold has provided estate services for over 15 years throughout the state of Texas.  Before becoming an estate sale specialist in 1998, she was a very successful antique dealer and is a certified appraiser.  After many years of managing estate sales from Fort Worth to Shreveport, she recently she decided to move her operation out of the hustle and bustle of the metroplex to beautiful east Texas. She is originally from Longview and went to school in Kilgore before her parents drug her to Dallas as a teenager.

She has always loved east Texas and enjoyed managing sales here.

She has recently rejoined with her former partner, Michael, who has been handling estate sales from southeast Texas to Houston to Austin to Dallas.  He, too, is a certified appraiser with many years of experience.   Since they worked together in 1998, he has handled close to 500 sales.  Like Maddie, he, was only too ready to move away from the big cities and is thrilled to be back in east Texas.  He is originally from Newsome, Texas (between Pittsburg and Winnsboro, TX) and has enjoyed visiting the old homestead.

They are assisted in their efforts by a team of experts who are very experienced in handling all aspects of estate sales and liquidations.