Why Use a Professional

Some families choose to handle their own sale in the belief that using a professional service is too expensive and that they would be better off doing it themselves.  Most of the time that is not the case.

If the estate is very small with few saleable items, the family members may be able to handle the liquidation.  An estate that has more value, no matter the content: furniture, antiques, collectibles, and other items, then a professional service will generate a much more satisfactory financial result.  The return by using a professional estate sale service will likely be much higher even after service fees.

The reasons for using a professional service are many.  There are other considerations than just higher financial gain.

  • Going through the personal belongings of a loved one can be a very difficult process.  Many items will have a personal memory attached and just handling them can create a very painful experience. A professional service will handle this in a very dignified manner sparing the family from such an emotional burden.  
  • A professional service offers a turnkey experience.  You turn the estate over to a professional and in a very short period they give you a check and present you with an empty house.
  • A professional service can accurately price your sale so that you will receive a maximum return.

There are many, many people offering estate sale services. Some are qualified and some are not. You should make your choice with care.  Many people offer services when they have literally little or no experience - even some that claim to be professionals.  Merely being antique dealers, no matter for how long, is not near enough. Handling an estate sale requires MUCH more than just a knowledge of antiques.

Some of these companies will tell you that since they charge a lower percentage, you will make more money.  The commission charged is important but it is far from the most important part of determining the best return from the sale.  The estate must be properly priced, properly staged & merchandised (to enhance overall appearance & value), run with a knowedgeable staff who knows how to sell, is properly advertised, and so many other techniques that will increase the return. Professionally managed, a sale that is properly setup and handled will bring a much higher return.  It is actually a science that takes many years of experience to manage.  Our commissions are very reasonable and are usually below what most professional companies charge.

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