East Texas Farm Liquidations

Farm liquidations (estate sales) in east Texas including Mount Pleasant, Pittsburg, Gilmer, Mount Vernon,  Daingerfield, Longview, Marshall, Ore City, Diana, Naples, Omaha, and all of Texas.

We have liquidated farms and ranches of various sizes and that included all of the related equipment such as tractors, harvesters, implements, vehicles, supplies, and even livestock.  

Few estate liquidators have this type of experience and most are uncomfortable in that environment.  Most of them are also reluctant to take sales away from the city for they have little, if any, experience at drawing crowds to these types of events.  We are very comfortable liquidating farms and know what it takes to draw customers to these sales.

For most farms, we handle this as a "regular" estate sale.  However, for larger sales that include many pieces of equipment and which may include livestock, we can do a combination direct sale and auction.  Contents of the houses would be sold in as a regular estate sale with all items priced and open to the public on a multi-day schedule.  The equipment and livestock (if any), would be sold using a licensed auctioneer.    

If you have a farm to liquidate in east Texas, contact us for a FREE consultation.