About Us


EXPERIENCE: We have managed several hundred successful estate sales in major markets throughout Texas including SE Texas, Houston, Austin, and the DFW Metroplex. Four years ago we returned home to East Texas to exclusively handle sales here. In addition to Texas, we have performed sales in Louisiana, Flordia, Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

PRICING EXPERTISE: Michael is a Certified Appraiser who is a dedicated researcher experienced in establishing actual values in this market.  All items in the estate are priced based on many years of experience and careful research. 

PROVEN ABILITY TO DRAW A CROWD: Not only do we use the typical advertising methods, but we are Online Marketing experts. Our mailing list includes over 10,000 local people who love estate sales. We also advertise with online estate sales organizations whose websites reach many more potential customers. We also actively use social media and have a great following in this area. Our online advertising includes no less than 100 photos and in most cases 200-300 or more. We also produce a high def video for each sale that is heavily marketed online. 

EXPERT STAFF: Our staff has a wealth of sales and business experience. Areas of former work experience include Salesperson, Sales Manager, Antique Dealer, Antique Mall Owner, Furniture Salesperson, Personal Property Appraiser, Business Inventory Liquidator, Corporate Trainer, Website Developer, and various other business and sales positions.

ELABORATE PRESENTATION: We don't merely set up a sale, we stage it with the goal of making it look like a department store. We bring in tables with beautiful table covers, nice baskets for loose items, risers, and jewelry cases when needed. This is one area that absolutely sets us apart from anyone else. Our presentation raises the expectations of the customers who come to our sales. That is a huge factor in our success.

HIGHEST STANDARDS: We do not compromise on anything we do. Every action is taken with you, the client in mind.

REALTOR ASSISTANCE: If your home is for sale, we assist the realtor by including information on the house and the realtor's contact information in our online advertising. We pass out brochures if your realtor has them, as well as their business cards. If someone at the home seems to be a "live one" with a real interest in the property, we will actually spend a little time with them pointing out the positives of the property -- after all, we are salespeople. 

MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS: Finding someone who thinks they can handle estate sales is easy. Finding someone who can actually handle your sale with professionalism and experience that results in a successful sale is a different proposition. Experience has value; many years of very successful experience is worth its weight in gold.

TURNKEY OPERATION: Nothing could be easier once we have made our agreement. We take care of everything. We prepare the sale, research items and price them, advertise it, have the sale, present you with a check, and leave you with a house that is clean and ready for the realtor. There is nothing for you to do.