Preparing For a Sale

For a variety of reasons, having an estate sale can be a traumatic experience.  Most people have no idea of even how to get started.

This guide has been prepared to make the whole process easy for you.  There is no reason for it to be difficult.

For a successful and profitable sale take the following steps:


2. Remove the items not for sale

3. Call us at 903.686.4069

It really is that easy.

Allow our professional service to handle every aspect of the sale from start to finish.  Our efficient team will completely prepare the estate for sale.

Once you turn the estate over to our experienced hands, everything will be handled for you.

Call us at 903.686.4069 for a FREE consultation and see just how easy it can be.


  • Go through everything in the home - every drawer, every closet
  • Organize and clean the items for sale
  • Set aside any personal items found in the home
  • Set up the sale keeping in mind security and traffic flow
  • Display items in a decorative manner - we make it look like a showroom
  • Research, as needed, and price every item
  • Advertise the sale in local newspapers, the internet, on our website, and through our email list of over 10,000 people and businesses
  • Hold the sale; normally over a three-day period

  • Empty the house if there are any leftovers (to a charity or wherever you choose)
  • Sweep, vacuum, and wipe down counters
  • Present you with a check

It really is that easy.