Appraisal Services

APPRAISAL OF ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, ARTWORK, AND BOOKS: We have considerable experience with the identification and valuation of antiques & collectibles of almost all types.

ESTATES: Whether you represent a law firm, accounting firm or a loved one, it is important to have all possessions properly appraised. We will take the time and do the research necessary to provide you with an up-to-date appraisal.

INSURANCE APPRAISALS: We have the responsibility to both consumers and insurers for accurate replacement valuations. We have proper appraisal credentials to research and evaluate before preparing an insurance appraisal for you.

DISASTER APPRAISALS: After a disaster, you may have trouble with your insurance claims unless you can provide proof of your personal property value. In many cases, we can provide you with a certified appraisal on the pre-disaster value. (And can if you claim is denied, we can testify as Expert Witnesses in court if needed). For more information on Disaaster Appraisals - CLICK HERE.

DIVORCE SETTLEMENTS: This is the fastest growing area of Personal Property Appraisals. For an accurate division of assets in the case of divorce, a detailed determination of asset values is required. Our services can provide this.

ASSET VALUATION: Loan officers often need a professional determination of value of assets before approving a loan. This can be for the home or for industry. We can provide a detailed analysis and valuation of your assets.

BANKRUPTCY: In the case of bankruptcy declaration, you can work with us to determine the value of assets.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS : When you've made the choice to give a personal item for a charitable purpose, you'll need to know the value of it for tax purposes. Our team will provide this information to you, along with necessary reports and photographs.

EXPERT WITNESS: We provide appraisal services for use in litigation as well as our services in court as an Expert Witness.App