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Longview, TX Estate Sales - Longview office serving Longview, Marshall, Jefferson, White Oak, Kilgore, Gilmer, Texas for estate sales and appraisals.
Mount Pleasant, TX Estate Sales - Mount Pleasant office serving Mount Pleasant, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Mount Vernon, Lone Star, Daingerfield, Texas for estate sales and appraisals.

We also provide Estate Sale services in outlying areas in most of east Texas. 

We take great pride in offering a very personal level of care and service to our clients, just as we have since we managed our first estate sale in 1998.  We know what a difficult time this can be in your life and it is our goal is to make the whole process as easy and successful as we can.  Every action we take is done with you in mind.  We want the very best result for you while treating the entire process with the dignity and respect that your estate deserves.

Estate Sales Longview TX Marshall TX Gilmer TX

It is our pleasure to take an estate and set it up for the public so all of the family's belongings and treasures are shown to their very best advantage.  We turn the home into a showplace that would make anyone proud.

Few companies have the experience that we do and absolutely none offer the personal level of service that we do.  We are very proud of that and it is our pledge to you.

We have learned that even the smallest sale can have its treasure and blessings.  Since our first estate sales in 1998, we have handled liquidations of all sizes with every type of content you can imagine.  Our experience has allowed us to produce estate sales that are far above the norm.  We are proud of the effectiveness of our sales and produce the best return for the family possible.


Words cannot express how grateful I am for Michael and his amazing team. I was overwhelmed with the task of handling my parents’ estate and it was extremely important to me that I honor them throughout the process. Michael understood exactly what I wanted and handled everything to perfection, better than I could even imagine.  Michael is so knowledgeable and an expert in what he does and he goes above and beyond to meet his client’s needs. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves what he does. He was in constant communication from beginning to end which I very much appreciated. He made an overwhelming task look effortless. I simply don’t know of anyone else who could have handled a large estate sale better. I am forever grateful for the work he and his team did in caring for my family. Thank you again to everyone involved!    Victoria Coats, Key Estate, Jefferson, TX

Michael and his team did an incredible job for me last fall! Not living in the same state, I had to trust Michael to manage everything without me being able to help with anything. He and his team organized and advertised a marvelous sale and were extremely professional throughout the process. Michael even got top dollar for the vehicle we were selling! You could not ask for a more thorough and professional team then AGES! I would highly recommend them to anyone going through such a difficult process.    Janet Transou, Atlanta, TX

Our Services

Estate Sales.



Estate Sales Large & Small
We have handled sales in the 6 figures, but know even smaller sales have their treasures.




Certified Appraiser
Appraisals of any personal property: antiques, home furnishing, business inventory, equipment, vehicles, etc.

Business Liquidations.



Sale of Businesses & Assets
Experienced at complete liquidation of businesses and their assets. This includes a wide variety of industries and businesses.

Fine estate sales, business liquidations, and antique (personal property) appraisals.  

Estate Sales in Longview Texas, Pittsburg TX, Gilmer TX,  Marshall TX, Mount Vernon TX, Winnsboro TX, Mount Pleasant TX, and Atlanta TX.  

We also service the surrounding area including Daingerfield, Ore City, Diana, Lone Star, Avinger and Jefferson, Texas.

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We Take The Time To Do It Right

We don't rush handling your sale so we can hurry to have another one next week.  If you need to quickly hold a sale, we can help you, but normally we schedule our sales to give us plenty of time to ensure attention is given to every aspect of the sale. That way we know you are getting the best possible return.

About a Golden Estate Sale

image Since 1998, we have handled hundreds of estate sales of all sizes including those with sales well into the six figures..
image We take time with our sales to ensure the maximum return. Rushing to do a sale or two each week does not do the client justice.
image We operate with honesty and integrity. Nothing in our sales is sold early; we do not have dealer days; and we never add anything to the sales.

Why Use Us?

Over 20 years of experience with hundreds of highly successful estate sales and business liquidations.

In that time, we have literally sold everything imaginable including antiques, collectibles of all kinds, fine jewelry, high end artwork, sculptures & other fine art, historical documents & books, boats of all sizes including a 40' fishing charter boat, automobiles, trucks of all kinds including "big rigs", farm equipment, livestock, portable buildings, firearms, military vehicles and just about anything else a person can own.

For many years, we were managing 1 or 2 estate sales a week. This has provided us with a wealth of experience in every aspect of successfully managing estate sales. Handling that many sales was difficult, especially with the high standards we set for each sale.  

We are now focusing on handling fewer sales and ensuring that we have time to provide the best service possible.  WE TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT.