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How We Prepare Your Estate Sale

Most people have no idea of the amount of work that is involved in preparing an estate for the sale. It is intense. 

We have successfully managed estate sales since 1998 and are proud of the service we provide.  We are not “just another Estate Sale company” in East Texas.  You will clearly see the results of our many years of successful sales in the presentation of the merchandise in the sale and, most importantly, in the results that are generated. It is not enough to just throw things on a table, put an ad in the paper, collect money at the door, and hope everything will sell.  A professional estate sale company does so much more.

This is a basic outline of how we operate:

  • Evaluate the estate sale and all selling locations to determine the best setup for the sale
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Traffic flow
  • ID furniture to be moved within the estate
  • Decide where to effectively place tables and displays
  • Place tables and displays in place
  • Begin the process of working each room
    • Emptying each drawer, each closet, and all storage areas
    • Set up tables with high-quality table covers and design elements
    • All parts of each room are cleaned as we set up
    • All items to be sold are cleaned
  • During the setup stage, like items are relocated to common areas
    • Items requiring research to determine value are noted
    • These items are researched for current market values
    • If necessary, knowledgeable authorities/appraisers are consulted
  • All items are priced using our many years of experience and intense research where needed (Our prices are based on the market prices for estate sales in the Longview, Texas area)
  • Highly effective quality advertising is placed in suitable media — we have a large advertising budget for our sales (No one advertises like we do)
  • Safety and security arrangement are reviewed and corrections made if needed

On the day of the sale, as many signs as possible are strategically placed in the neighborhood.  These are bright, professionally produced signs that can’t be missed

During the sale, we don’t just sit back and collect the money. EVERYONE who enters is greeted with a welcome and a smile.  We have designated salespeople who non-aggressively assist customers and enhance sales

We make it easy for our customers to make purchases by:

  • Staffing the checkout desk with enough personnel to reduce long lines
  • We accept cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards for our customer’s convenience
  • We accept bids on any item priced over $100

Another very important feature is that we create a welcome, fun atmosphere where the customer feels comfortable and enjoys their time shopping (and buying)

These and many other small details are what make our East Texas estate sales so successful

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