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Personal Property Appraisals

We offer a full range of Personal Property Appraisals for households or businesses.  Whether you are an individual seeking to insure a single item or a collection, a law firm needing an appraisal for a divorce settlement, an executor seeking to settle an estate, an attorney needing a expert witness, someone needing an appraisal for an insurance claim, or a donor needing an appraisal for a gift or a charitable donation, we can meet your needs.

We have two certified personal property appraisers on staff.  They have a wide variety of experience working with business and household items including antiques, collectibles, artwork, vehicles, and all forms of personal property (not real estate).

We regularly perform appraisals for:

  • estate division
  • divorces
  • loan collateral
  • insurance purposes
  • charitable donations (as required by IRS)
  • and many other needs.

We offer our services for single items or an entire estate.

If needed, we are also trained Expert Witnesses and available for legal proceedings.

Our appraisers are certified by Certified Appraiser Guild of America.

Contact us for more information.

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