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How We Appaise

We perform a variety of Personal Property Appraisals

How We Appraise



A formal appraisal begins with setting an appointment for an examination of the items to be appraised. The objective of the appraiser at the inspection is to gather pertinent information that best describes the item, e.g., item name, size, markings and condition. The appraiser also takes digital images of the items, and these photos are included in the appraisal report.


Armed with detailed descriptions and clear photo images, we research each item, which is essential to arriving at an accurate value. We then take that information and through our vast research sources gather updated prices on identical or similar items sold throughout the world.


The combination of our experience and expertise, along with a strict adherence to the highest standards of appraisal principles and practice, enables us to provide a certified appraisal report suitable for any of your appraisal needs; whether it be a certified appraisal for settling an estate, insurance casualty claim or coverage, divorce settlement, donation, asset distribution, or resale.

Our company includes two Senior-level Appraisers who are certified personal property appraisers in all forms of personal property, including antiques, collectibles, books, residential contents, and commercial equipment & inventory.

Our staff is comprised of trained & experienced appraisers and researchers who are able to professionally evaluate the features, history, style, provenance and significance of literally thousands of personal property items, ranging from the ordinary and the obscure to the rare.

As Personal Property Appraisers we are firmly committed to always communicate each personal property analysis, opinion, and conclusion in a manner that is understandable and founded on recognized professional methods and techniques that are necessary to produce a credible appraisal.




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