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What We Appraise

We do appraise a wide variety of items

What We Appraise

Our appraisal services are for almost all forms of personal property. This includes residential and commercial. Basically, we appraise everything in the home or commercial building. Our specialty includes books, paper items, antiques, collectibles, furniture, decor, and artwork. However, through the years we have experience with virtually anything within a home, an office, on farms & ranches, or most commercial operations including most types of equipment.

While we are able to perform appraisals on most things, there are some items that we do not feel qualified to appraise. We will decline to provide appraisal services for those items.

We appraise everything from valuable antiques & collectibles to ordinary household items. We also appraise individual items as well as a complete estate or business.


Appraising is simply a process of determining a value for an item or group of items. It is not an exact science, but rather an informed opinion based on the research, evidence, and experience.


We provide valuation while including such factors as checking authenticity or authorship, or the validity of damage claims.

We strive to prepare accurate appraisals that are supported by evidences.

Appraisals can never be 100% accurate but are rather an informed opinion. As appraisers we are dealing with estimates and opinions. Valuations are judgments, not measurements. We strive to gather significant and accurate date, analyze it properly and achieve a maximum degree of accuracy.


Personal property can include almost anything other than real estate. This would include antiques, collectibles, furniture, household items, tools, artwork, industrial equipment, farming equipment, business inventory, etc.

We examine identifiable portable and tangible objects that are considered by the general public as being “personal” to determine the fair market or replacement value.

We are firmly committed, when reporting the results of the personal property appraisal, to always communicate each analysis, opinion, and conclusion in a manner that is understandable and founded on recognized methods and techniques that are necessary to produce a credible appraisal.

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