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Estate Sale tips and secrets — all you need to know about choosing an Estate Sale company and tips on shopping at one.

Avoiding the Pitfalls When Picking an Estate Sale Company

Estate sales occur for many reasons, not just following a death. Sometimes, an estate sale may be due to downsizing, a divorce, a need to move into an assisted living facility or other causes. Finding the right company to assist you is critical. I am not going to...

Selecting a Liquidator – Beware the Trojan Horse

There are many pitfalls in trying to find the right person to handle your estate sale. Some of these go beyond the "normal" criteria that you may be evaluating.  In another blog post, I will present a list of things that should be considered, but I do want to point...

Estate Sale Tips & Secrets

It has been years since I have blogged about estate sales. I started over ten years ago with tips and insider type of information. In my move back "home" to east Texas after many successful years in major markets including Houston, Austin, SE Texas, and a bit in the...

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