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It has been years since I have blogged about estate sales. I started over ten years ago with tips and insider type of information. In my move back “home” to east Texas after many successful years in major markets including Houston, Austin, SE Texas, and a bit in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, I didn’t set the blog up on the new website. There were too many that were specific to markets in Houston or other cities. So rather than go through and delete those and leave the ones that are applicable to estate sales in general, I just left it off. 

I have to admit that some of the blogs created a bit of flack with some other people doing estate sales. There were blogs about some practices that I feel are not ethical or that do not put the client’s needs first didn’t always thrill companies who were operating in those ways. Some took offense that I told estate sale customers how to get the best deal at estate sales they attended and other little “secrets”.  While a lot of that was silly responses from silly people, it was also sometimes cheered by clients and customers who appreciated the insight. 

So, I have decided to add some of those old blogs out and try to take some of the mystery out of estate sales and point out pitfalls for anyone who needs those services. I will also include my tips on how to benefit from estate sales as a client and a customer.  

More will be coming soon. 

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