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Our Services

We provide a variety of services related to estate and business liquidations.

What We Do


Estate Sales

We have provided Estate Sale services since 1989, mostly in major markets until we came home to East Texas a few years ago. This includes very large estates, farms & ranches, and multi-location estates.

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Business Liquidations

Business liquidations are also a part of our services. We have managed businesses liquidation including antique shops, air conditioning services, trucking companies, car repair centers, etc. 

Personal Property Appraisals

Michael became a Certified Appraiser in 2006. He is experienced with all types of personal property (everything found in a home or business), antiques & collectibles, books,  medical offices, material handling equipment, farming equipment, and more.  

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Expert Witness

Michael has training and experience as an Expert Witnesses in the areas of appraisals,  estate sales, and liquidations.

Often expert testimony is the major factor for success in a lawsuit or working with insurance companies over claims. 


Referral Rewards

Much of our business comes from recommendations of other professionals, previous clients & their families, our customers, and other sources. We do have a referral reward program for those referrals. 

Estate Division & Arbitration

We offer Estate Division & Arbitration services. Sometimes families have difficulty with estate division and may have disagreements that need someone experienced with arbitration and estate division. These services can help prevent negative family interactions that can last a lifetime.

We’re ready when you are. Just give us a call and we’ll set up a FREE consultation.

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